Rabiul Seikh, a 8-year old boy of class–III, from a very poor family of Dhanghar village, P:O: Nimtita, P:S: Samserganj, District: Murshidabad, West Bengal, was admitted in Jeevan Deep Special Care & Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd., Regd. No. - NH/S/34,well known as Bera’s Nursing Home, under Dr. A.K. Bera with a minor fracture in right elbow on 19th November, 2013.
Due to surgical complexity and heavy hemorrhage just after a clinical surgery Rabiul’s life was at risk . Then Rabiul was referred to and admitted in Murshidabad Medical College & Hospital, Berhampore on 25th November 2013. But surprisingly, in the hospital too, the little boy had been admitted under the supervision and treatment of the same doctor, namely Dr. Amiya Kumar Bera who is an assistant professor of Murshidabad Medical College & Hospital, Berhampore, along with being attached in the aforesaid nursing home. Gradually Rabiul’s bleeding stopped and his life was out of risk . But he had fully lost control of his right hand. Dr. Bera told Rabiul’s father Tofijul Seikh, there was nothing to be worried about Rabiul’s hand, it was fine and soon he would be able to use his right hand properly.
After few days, when Rabiul’s father noticed that his son can neither move his hand nor the fingers and the hand had become stiff from his shoulder, he tried to seek doctor’s attention to it and was ignored by the doctor. Finally when he wanted explanation from Dr. Bera about this , the doctor told him again that everything is all right and forced Rabiul’s father to take discharge from the hospital .

Eventually, media got news of this whole matter , some local social workers too stood for little Rabiul and Rabiul’s father submitted a prayer for Medical Board on 16th January 2014 – by then almost 2 months are gone, the little boy kept on suffering.
As per Rabiul’s father Tofijul Seikh’s
experience, the concerned doctors of Murshidabad Medical College & Hospital authority as well as Medical Board are still indifferent about the proper care about little Rabiul. Neither the Doctor nor the Medical Board explained Rabiul’s condition or further course of treatment to him . Some of the doctors even approached him to offer lump-sum amount of money to close this chapter. In this situation Rabiul’s father is totally confused about his son’s condition and can not ascertain what should be the future course of treatment for his little son .
Masud Hossain, one of the social workers said, “It is unexpectable and embarrassing. His father is still in the dark about what happened to Rabiul or what is his condition. After …. Days , the little boy still does not have proper medical attention and care . We will move to Human Rights Commission, Public Grievance Cell and Chief Minister’s Office , if required . ”

Dr. Amiya Kumar Bera had a deal with Rabiul’s father Tofijul Seikh that he will operate on Rabiul’s hand and everything will be fixed within 2/3 days – for this the good doctor has already taken Rs.26000/- from his RSBY card . But instead of improving , Rabiul’s condition has worsened a lot .

A video , personally obtained by somebody , shows that Dr Bera admitting the fact that this situation arose due to his mistake and afterwards despite his trying the condition got out of his hand .
This utter carelessness and negligence in treatment by a Registered medical practitioner has crippled Rabiul – as yet . If nothing is done immediately , the little boy may be crippled permanently and he faces a very sad unbearably distressing future life as a crippled person .
Shall we think and act to obtain proper treatment for Rabiul so that he can come out of his woe ??

!!! সত্য সেলুকস, কি বিচিত্র এই দ্যাশ !!!

!!! সত্য সেলুকস, কি বিচিত্র এই দ্যাশ !!!
পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ক্রমাগত সৃষ্টি করে চলেছে অন্য থেকে অনন্য নাজির | অর্থমন্ত্রীকে নিগ্রহ থেকে বিরোধীদের পার্টি অফিস ভাংচুর, ধর্ষণকে উত্সাহিত করা থেকে যেকোনো অমানবিক ঘটনাকে তুচ্ছ বলে উড়িয়ে দেওয়া, পুলিশকে দলদাসে পরিনত করা থেকে নিজেদের নোংরা রাজনৈতিক ধান্দা ও স্বার্থ সিদ্ধির প্রয়োজনে সাধারণ মানুষকে ক্রমাগত বলিতে চড়ানো এবং এইধরণের ক্রমবর্ধমান ঘটনাপ্রবাহ সৃষ্টির মাধ্যমে সাধারনকে আতঙ্কগ্রস্থ করে তোলা, রাজ্যে নৈরাজ্য ও গৃহযুদ্ধের পরিবেশ তৈরির অশুভ চেষ্টা - ইতিহাস সাক্ষী আছে, সাধারণ মানুষ এইসব নোংরামি কখনো বরদাস্ত করেনি ...করবেনা | ...আমরা শাসক ও বিরোধী দলগুলির এইসব নোংরা-ধ্বংসকামী রাজনীতির তীব্র প্রতিবাদ করছি এবং নিশ্চিতভাবে করবও | ..সাধু সাবধান.....